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Whilst Growth Plan™ specialises in improving financial and non-financial returns for owner operated small businesses in general, the early years of Growth Plan’s development have been concentrated in the Financial Services industry.  As a result it has collected a large base of data with around 1,000 different Australian businesses providing their financial, client, management and lifestyle measurements to the Growth PlanTM database.


Over this time, Growth Plan™ has developed an impressive suite of tools to assist owner operated small businesses, some of which are specific for the financial services. 


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Growth Plan™ can compare your practice, or a group of practices, to similar businesses in the Growth PlanTM database.  Growth Plan™ will then provide a printed report with the Growth Plan™ benchmarks for key performance indicators.  Have you ever wondered what ratio similar businesses have for support staff to income producers, the number of active clients to support staff or the profit per owner workhour?  Growth Plan can provide these and many others.

  • To view some sample pages of a Growth Plan™ Diagnostic Report Click Here for Sample Diagnostic Report

  • To access benchmarks using the Growth Plan mini calculator Click Here for Growth Plan Mini Calculator

  • To apply for access to Growth Plan Member's calculator, which contains still more useful ratios, email for a free trial membership  Click Here for access to Member's Calculator

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Click Here to request CD ROM to request a CD ROM about business diagnosis


Business analysis is an extension of benchmarking Growth Plan Business diagnosis uses the performance indicators of high performing practices, research based on the Growth PlanTM database, over fifty years combined experience of Growth Plan™ analysts and data you provide from your business to draw conclusions about your business operation.  Taking into account the stage of growth of the practice and its strengths and weaknesses, this analysis will identify some of the risks your business is facing and a choice of next steps that will help you to achieve the best increase in returns for the effort.   

Click Here for more Information about Business Analsyis for more information about business analysis.


Financial Planners’ Ezine


Growth Plan™ provides a free Ezine by email.  Every edition is short and to the point and contains research findings, hints, facts and other information and articles on successfully running and growing your business while maintaining the lifestyle you desire. 

Click Here for Free Ezine Subscription for your free Ezine subscription.


How to Start A Business





Growth PlanTM conducts research on its Growth Plan™ Financial Planners database on a contract basis.  Past reports have been on topics such as:

  • What Key Performance Indicator has the most impact on the profitability of a Financial Services practice?

  • The optimum Active Client to Support Staff ratio for Financial Services Practice; and

  • Non-Salary Expenses in Financial Planning businesses.


Click Here for Consultant to Contact You to email the Growth Plan™ consultants who will discuss your requirements and provide obligation free quotes.


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Consulting Services


Growth Plan™ offers an extensive range of consulting and coaching services. 

Click Here for Consultant to Contact You to email the Growth Plan™ consultants who will discuss your requirements and provide obligation free quotes.


Goal Setting


Goal setting is poorly recognised as the extraordinarily powerful tool it is for creating positive change in your life.  It works on a host of different levels to get you where you want to go.  For the definitive information on goal setting you should visit www.goalsetting.biz.Go To Goal Setting


Goal setting improves decision making and avoids procrastination over what to do next.  Goal seekers are proactive and often astonished by the height they can set their goals and still achieve them.


As with all powerful tools, goals have to be handled with care and constant attention.  Goal setting is a process that requires time and revision.  You need to be sure that your goals are appropriate for your situation and that you will not be neglecting important aspects of your life.


The goals you really value are not always the ones that you easily identify and there are methods for identifying these goals.  To obtain the full benefit from goal setting visit www.goalsetting.biz Go To Goal Setting


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Working Less


There can be many reasons why you may want to work less in a particular business.  You might want to fee up time to explore another opportunity or to spend more time with your family or to follow your passions.  Or maybe you don’t enjoy the work and wish to escape or you are in the Activity Trap and need some help to get out of it.  If any of these is a description of you, visit the Growth Plan Working Less pages Work Less


Working less doesn't require you to earn less.  The Growth Plan™ process helps your business become more effective.  It can assist you to: use up spare capacity; enable tasks to be performed by less skilled, lower paid, staff; increase staff motivation by delegating authority; and create more responsiveness to income generating opportunities.  These efficiencies can provide for your lower hours.


Mind-Biz Tools


Growth Plan™ uses a variety of tools for dealing with the interaction between success and your attitude and mindset.  Click here for more information on the Growth Plan set of Mind-Biz tools Mindbiz Tools


Spreadsheet Models


Growth Plan™ is constantly in the process of building helpful spreadsheet models for its clients.  Click here for a list of available spreadsheets Available Spreadsheets


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